About YMMC

Youth Music Monterey County was established as a 501(c)(3) organization on May 18, 1988 with the merger of two programs: the Youth Orchestra of Monterey County (est. 1981) and Summer Music Monterey (est. 1965).

Youth Music Monterey County's legacy of Conductor's include:

1981-1984           Maestro Stewart Robertson
1984-1992           Maestro Vince Gomez
1992-2012           Maestro John Larry Granger
2012-present       Maestro Farkhad Khudyev

Maestro John Larry Granger (1992-2012), Founding Youth Orchestras of Monterey County Conductor Maestro Stewart Robertson (1981-1984) with YMMC’s new Music Director & Conductor Maestro Farkhad Khudyev (2012 to present)

Youth Music Monterey County has fostered the excellence of local student musicians by:

  • Inspiring and challenging students to high levels of musical achievement
  • Instilling standards of excellence, responsibility, and determination
  • Supporting and improving academic performance
  • Teaching cooperation and leadership skills in a diverse environment
  • Communicating respect for the special contributions and abilities of young people to their families and the community at large

Our Mission

To inspire excellence in individual students and enrich our community by providing young people with opportunities to participate in, and gain greater understanding of, music and its performance.

...Building the Next Generation of Musicians and Music Lovers

Each year, the Junior Youth and Honors Orchestras provide approximately 100 students an opportunity to supplement their school and private music studies with high-caliber ensemble playing experience under the direction of professional conductor Maestro Farkhad Khudyev. This experience helps them develop knowledge of symphonic literature, as well as technical and artistic skill. The orchestras draw many of the best young musicians from throughout Monterey County - from Salinas and Monterey to Carmel Valley and Pacific Grove. Click here for a upcoming performance schedule of events.

Accessible and Essential Music

YMMC's South County Strings Program involves formal partnerships between YMMC and South County school districts, including Soledad Union School District, San Antonio Union School in Lockwood, and Bradley Union School in Bradley. A team of instructors provide free violin, viola, and cello instruction in group lessons during the school day to students in grades 3-8 living in rural south Monterey County.

YMMC Chamber Players

Chamber Players Music Program provides Honors Orchestra musicians opportunities to advocate for the arts and give back to the local community through public performances representing YMMC. Click here for a upcoming performance schedule of events.

Community Support

A cadre of community members support the programs of Youth Music Monterey County through Concert attendance, Personal donations, Business donations and sponsorships, Volunteering, Grants, Board, Staff, and Volunteers.